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Below is a representative example of services offered. Some services may be provided in cooperation with special outside counsel or technical experts.

•  outside general counsel
•  mergers & acquisitions
•  corporate/real estate/financing transactions
•  joint ventures/strategic alliances
•  licensing agreements
• employment agreements
•  non-disclosure/non-competition agreements
•  distribution/vendor agreements               
•  due diligence
•  legal audits and assessments
•  internal compliance and risk management
•  internal investigations
•  litigation and dispute resolution                              
•  supervise outside counsel          
•  legal billing audits/legal cost reduction


I already have outside counsel. They’re loyal and highly qualified, even if they charge too much. Why should I hire another one ?

Because KLC isn’t another outside lawyer. The typical law firm rests on a basic pyramid structure: partners with years of highly specialized experience, backed up by associates, paralegals, support staff, and research and IT resources. All of that translates into premium billing by the hour. No wonder even satisfied clients sometimes feel the uncomfortable sensation that they’re overpaying.

More likely the real culprit is overbuying. Put differently, a car service will drive you around the corner, to the airport or across the country – but only one of those trips is a rational, cost-effective use of that resource. And when plans do call for a longer journey – whether by limousine or airplane – you still want optimum value and service for the fare.

An independent legal consultant can help you make better choices about when and how to use your outside lawyers. Admittedly this approach is not always welcomed by outside counsel. Few professionals like having their work or billings scrutinized by others, least of all by peers. However, that is exactly what in-house counsel does (or should do).

Like any good general counsel, KLC can objectively assess your legal needs and advise on managing outside counsel. KLC can also handle certain tasks directly, thereby mitigating the need for specialized (and expensive) outside counsel. The result is lower costs, greater efficiency and better management of legal services – without sacrificing quality, results or your existing relationships.

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